SkinCeuticals is NOT Cruelty-Free

No. SkinCeuticals is not cruelty-free because they sell their products in Mainland China, where companies are required by law to test cosmetics products on animals before selling them in stores.

Does SkinCeuticals sell their products in Mainland China?

Yes, SkinCeuticals sell in Mainland China where animal testing is still a mandatory requirement. Even though China has recently approved non-animal tests to replace animal testing, these tests have not been approved for the final product. This means that these non-animal tests are preferred for product ingredients, but the final product will still be tested on animals.

Does SkinCeuticals test their products on animals?

Yes. SkinCeuticals does test on animals. They sell their products in Mainland China, which currently requires them by law to test their products on animals.

Is SkinCeuticals owned by a parent company?

SkinCeuticals is part of L’Oréal, a company that practices animal testing.

Is SkinCeuticals Vegan?

No, SkinCeuticals is not vegan, as some of their products contain animal derived ingredients.

Is SkinCeuticals Palm Oil Free?

No, SkinCeuticals is not palm-oil free, because some of their products contain or are produced using pailm-oil.

  1. Just found out not vegan and tested on animals! I will stop buying these products. If this company is so great, why are they torturing animals?-Robin Bowyer

  2. I was going to buy a $279.00 product. Knowing this info I have no interest in buying anything from this company.

  3. Will not buy these products again!! Makes me SICK to think I have purchased from this company while they torture innocent animals!

  4. i was just going to buy
    SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Antioxidant Serum and SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 Anti-Aging Cream. After knowing this I cannot!

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